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October 18, 2014 / DC's Dupont Area

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About what to expect...

Enjoy six special editions of the champagne classic -- all INCLUDED in your ticket -- as you explore six of Dupont Circle's best bars during this all day mimosa adventure. You also get specials on food pairings, liquor pairings and additional beers. A portion of ALL proceeds will go to Stand Up For Kids charity.

In addition to the six included mimosas, you also will be entitled to:
   - no cover charges
   - food specials specials on mimosas (should you want another after your first, included one)
   - event photos
   - portion of proceeds to benefit local charities
   - the most fun you can legally have in one day

Check-in starts at 12:00PM and closes at 3:00PM sharp. The event itself goes until 8:00PM. Please plan accordingly.

The Mimosa March is a production of Beerathon LLC, the team behind the successful Beerathons in DC, New York, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Austin, Denver and Savannah; the DC Margarita March; the DC Bourbon Bash; and the DC Whiskey Walk. Beerathon LLC is a New York Limited Liability Company.

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